Marks & Spencer – How to save up to 20% off (March 2020)

Find out when the latest 20% off weekend is, plus other top Marks and Spencer deals.

It seems like every couple of months there’s a 20% off at M&S voucher! If you can hold off, it’s worth waiting until the deals come along. I’ll list these and other great offers on this page.

Remember with most of these deals you can stack them, meaning you can combine the offers to get even bigger discounts.


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20% off shopping at Marks and Spencer

The 20% off codes have been less frequent in the last couple of years (there were almost every month at one point!) but when they do appear you usually need to have a Sparks membership – or know someone who does (more on joining below).

You can either activate the offer to your card from your online account or the Sparks app. You might also get an email or some vouchers in the post, including spare codes to give to friends and family members, though I’ve not had these in quite a while.

The offer also tends to be split over two weekends, with some customers getting the deal in week one of the promotion and others a week later.

It’s a lot rarer for generic codes for everyone. When these offers come up there’s often a digital code (which I’ll share here), and occasionally a voucher you can print to use in stores.

Latest 20% off weekend

The last 20% weekend ran 20th to 24th February. Once more the offer is split over two weekends, so if you don’t have the email this week it could be you missed out last week.

One reader got in touch to say he’d been told in-store that the split was geographic. Those in the north had the deal first, while southerners got it week two. This hasn’t been verified, but it’ll be good to see if it works like that next time too.

If you miss it, it’s worth checking with family and friends to see if they’ve got a code you can use.

Previous 20% weekends:

I’m going to start keeping track here of previous 20% weekends

  • 13th to 17th February and 20th to 24th February 2020
  • 13th to 18th and 23rd to 25th November 2019
  • 10th October to 14th October 2019

> Shop at M&S online

Get regular discounts with an M&S Sparks Card

It’s not just the occasional 20% off everything with Sparks. There’s often 20% off specific food or clothing items. It’s hit and miss. Half the time the offers I’m given are no good, but you do occasionally get some decent ones. Watch out for offers such as £5 off when you spend £35 on food. It’s worth signing up though.

You also earn points each time you shop which in theory give you early access to sales and other promotions.

> Sign up for a Marks and Spencers Sparks Card

Earn cashback, including a bonus of up to £17

You can shop at the M&S website via cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback, earning you money back on each purchase. If you’ve not used either of these sites before you can also get up to £17 extra as a first-time user bonus.

> Get a new customer bonus from Quidco or TopCashback

Swap old clothes for an M&S voucher

You can get a £5 voucher to spend on M&S clothes when you take old clothes to Oxfam. More details on the Shwop scheme.

My tricks to spend less on M&S food

Thought it’s one of the pricier supermarkets I tend to shop at M&S most weeks as it’s the one right by my office. To help make it more affordable I use a number of tricks. You can read about them here.

> My tricks to save at M&S Foodhalls

19 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer – How to save up to 20% off (March 2020)

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  3. Look forward to receiving marks and spencer discount codes especially for ladies clothing

  4. Is there a 20percent off in marks spences in England as my daughter in Scotland has just had the discount .

    1. Do you have a Sparks account? I had my discount emailed through to me last week. I know sometimes it varies week on week depending on customers, so there’s a chance they might send it to you this week instead.

      1. Does anyone have a M & S Friends and family discount code I could use?

  5. Please can I be informed of offers as I’ve heard of many people getting 20% vouchers of and I’ve never received any. As I’m a loyal cutting it would be nice to be informed of offers.

  6. Hi Andy, what’s the voucher code? I can’t see in the post above. I do have a Sparks account but I didn’t receive any voucher this week.

    1. They tend to spread it out over a few weeks so you could well have it added this weekend coming! Let me know

  7. I have had a Sparks card for a couple of years, also have a credit card but have never received any 20% off vouchers. A friend passed me one occasionally. Why is this?

    1. Mrs Jean Moulding 4th August 2019 at 6:14 pm

      I have had my sparks card since they were issued, but have never had vouchers, only the online 20% discounts to activate on my tablet

  8. Dear Andy,
    I could not find the discount code, is it still available? I have not had vouchers for months and thought they must have stopped them. Are you able to share it with me please?

    1. Hi Marie

      The last discount I had was online via the Sparks app and in my M&S account. It could be vouchers have stopped as it’s been a while since I had them too. Andy

  9. Hi, yes I agree with the comments above…. have enjoyed my Sparks card for ages with it’s weekly discounts and offers in store, and I used to receive regular 20% discount vouchers for “family and friends”, but not for several years now. I did receive some vouchers out of the blue last week in the mail. Was a great surprise, but wonder if this will happen again?

    When I ask in store, what’s happening with the vouchers, I am met with blank looks or vague answers…..

  10. I’m have just received my vouchers. Attached are six vouchers to win points. All are dated expiring 23rd September 2019. It is now October 31st 2019.
    I’m have doubts about your efficiency.

    1. Hi Marion, sorry, this blog isn’t connected to Marks and Spencer so you’ll need to contact them directly about the vouchers they sent you. Seems ridiculous that you got them so late though!

  11. 20% weekends. I didn’t receive the last family and friends offers in February. Can you tell me why. Thank you.

    1. Hmm, my mum actually said the same. It’s possible you missed the emails? Have you asked M&S?

    2. I have a Sparks card, but I do not receive vouchers for 20% off , like others.


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